The "Fábrica del sol"

2000-2017 // Sustainable Future Association and Barcelona City Council

Ecoinstitut participates in different stages of the conversion of the old Gas Factory building into a flagship for sustainable building and as venue for environmental activities. In a first stage (2000-2002), commissioned by and as a member of the Sustainable Future Association, Ecoinstitut:

  • carries out the coordination and technical management of the elaboration of the Special Plan and the Basic Rehabilitation Project entrusted to the architect Toni Solanas;
  • collaborates in the definition of the curriculum of the first Sustainable Construction Workshop School of Barcelona Activa; and
  • develops the concept of green and solar roofs, the executive project for the water cycle (water tank roof and optimization of qualities for each use) as well as the project for the deconstruction and recovery of interior elements, executed in part by the Workshop School of Barcelona Activa.

Subsequently, Ecoinstitut collaborates in defining the uses and contents of the Fábrica del Sol as a municipal environmental facility, inaugurated in 2009.

Starting in 2011, Ecoinstitut elaborates the strategic vision, with the participation of the main municipal actors, to turn the building into an example of efficiency and sustainability, showing the public the innovative technologies to reach the sustainable Barcelona of the future

Finally, between 2016 and 2017, Ecoinstitut prepares the contents of the museological script for the new permanent exhibition of the "Fábrica del sol" - physical audiovisual modules and interactive modules.