Technical Assistance in Green Procurement to the Basque Country

2006-2021 // Ihobe - Public Society for Environmental Management, Basque Government

Since 2006 Ecoinstitut has been in charge (in recent years with the collaboration of Prometea SC) of designing and supporting the implementation of the green public procurement strategy in the Basque Country, promoted by Ihobe. This includes:

  • Development of resources, specially the practical green purchasing manual (in Spanish)- unique in Spain - with environmental criteria for more than 20 different product groups.
  • Awareness raising, education and training to: supplier companies, political leaders, hiring managers, and environmental consultants.
  • Design and support in the implementation of the three Green Public Procurement Programs for the Basque administration (2011-2014; 2015-2020 and 2021-2030), including the definition of its monitoring methodology.
  • Direct support to the different administrations (Government, Provincial councils and municipalities) both in working groups and individually.
  • Communication and dissemination both internally and nationally and internationally in congresses such as the CONAMA, the EcoProcura or the SPLC Summit.

The strategy has received three international awards: the 2020 Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Award (SPLC), the 2019 Procura+ award (ICLEI) and the 2019 Diamante de la Compra (AERCE).

A summary of the path traveled can be consulted in the document Green Public Procurement in the Basque Country 2005-2020. A success story (in Spanish).