Training in sustainable internal management practices and procurement

2001-2022 // Local, regional, national and international organisations

Training has always been part of Ecoinstitut's activities, since it allows the transmission of expert knowledge, putting into practice the environmental practices learned and multiplying the desired transformation results. The final objective: to train participants for their autonomous implementation of learnings.

For more than 20 years, Ecoinstitut has given about 130 training courses on various topics related to internal greening and sustainable public procurement – awareness raising, environmental management, life cycle analysis in environmental policy, introduction of sustainability criteria in procurement, etc.-. The target audience has included:

  • At the local and regional levels, public administration personnel, through: various public administration schools (in Catalonia, the Basque Country, the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands); Provincial Councils (Barcelona, Girona, Gipuzkoa); the Catalan Association of Municipalities; technical assistance projects for the Basque government, the Catalan government, Barcelona city council and other city councils; and the Central Spanish Administration, within the framework of the National Green Public Procurement Plan;
  • At the international level, contracting and environmental managers from Eastern European, Mediterranean, Asian and Latin American countries, commissioned by the European Commission or the United Nations Environment Programme.

Ecoinstitut has also collaborated in the first edition of the European Commission's GPP Training Toolkit (jointly with ICLEI) and has prepared different self-learning modules as well as training courses for trainers/trainers.