Urban Green Corridors: design criteria and examples

2009-2010 // Barcelona city Council

The study "Definition of urban green corridors in Barcelona" prepared in 2006 by The Urban Ecology Agency of Barcelona with the collaboration of professionals from Ecoinstitut is a key background document for the transformation and strategic connection of Barcelona’s public spaces with its natural surroundings.

In 2009 the city of Barcelona commissioned us the "translation" of this theoretical study into a practical reference manual to provide guidelines and criteria to professionals involved in the city’s public space design. The results was the Green Corridors Guide (in Catalan).

The environmental education guide is a visual teaching resource (with significant graphic material) to explain the environmental and social services of urban green when it is structured through green corridors. The document includes a collection of practical examples from around the world as well as design solutions and methodological tools to develop these corridors both by Barcelona as any other interested city.

The studies and the guide have their continuity in the Green axes foreseen in the Superblock Barcelona program (en Catalan).